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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Forbes: Scott #Walker Using $100 Million Of Taxpayer Money To Fight Off #Recall?

As Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker heads into the final stretch in his effort to hang onto his job, he is finding it increasingly more difficult to make his case honestly— or without using huge sums of taxpayer money to sway voters. ....
While Barrett correctly points out the utter cynicism apparent in Walker’s move, voters living in other parts of the state might have cause to wonder about the Governor’s motivations as it is their tax dollars being utilized to further the governor’s political struggle at a time when Wisconsin teachers are being laid off in droves, state heath care programs have been decimated and severe job shortages exist in many areas extending beyond Milwaukee. While Wisconsinites are, no doubt, pleased to see some relief headed in Milwaukee’s direction, the folks in Janesville, who have suffered greatly on the jobs front these past few years, might be scratching their heads as they wonder why there is no state economic aid coming their way and how so large a sum of cash suddenly materialized.
There are those who do not believe the Governor’s offer of aid to Wisconsin will ever materialize.

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