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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gene #Sharp: From #Dictatorship to #Democracy

The first few chapters ... click title for link ... it's free to download

Facing Dictatorships realistically      1
  A continuing problem       2
  Freedom through violence?      4
  Coups, elections, foreign saviors?     5
  Facing the hard truth       7
the Dangers oF negotiations      9
  Merits and limitations of negotiations   10
  Negotiated surrender?     10
  Power and justice in negotiations    12
  “Agreeable” dictators      13
  What kind of peace?      14
  Reasons for hope      14
whence comes the power?      17
  The “Monkey Master” fable     17
  Necessary sources of political power    18
  Centers of democratic power     21
Dictatorships have weaknesses      25
  Identifying the Achilles’ heel     25
  Weaknesses of dictatorships     26
  Attacking weaknesses of dictatorships   27
exercising power       29
  The workings of nonviolent struggle    30
  Nonviolent weapons and discipline    30
From Dictatorship to Democracy                                                                                      v

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