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Sunday, November 6, 2011

14,000 Coloradans move $100M into credit unions -11/4 Colorado Independent

Now that 11/5 "Bank Transfer" has come and gone an update to this story is in order ... watch for it! From the lead (click title above) in the The Colorado Independent -
As the social media-sparked Bank Transfer Day approaches, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) reports that over 650,000 people have joined credit unions in the last four weeks. In Colorado, the group reports 14,000 new accounts and $100 million in new deposits.

Credit unions nationally have added $4.5 billion in new accounts since the end of September, CUNA says, reporting that four out of every five credit unions affiliated with the group report that the increase is due to attempts by big banks to raise fees on customers or Bank Transfer Day, a movement birthed by social media that will take place tomorrow.

I suspect the sentiments are fairly universal but local such as in Madsion WI -

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