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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Upd - Wisconsin's Nazi Resistance - WPT

Andy Rooney's death was reported this morning!  In an interview some time ago with Tom Brokaw, and I paraphrase about WW II, "I was a pacifist ... I was wrong ... some wars are necessary ..." 

Each in our own way must discover what we know is right ...
Discover Mildred Fish-Harnack, a Wisconsin native who was the only American woman executed on the direct orders of Adolf Hitler. Actress Jane Kaczmarek narrates the documentary which follows Fish-Harnack from birth in Milwaukee to 1930s Germany and to her eventual arrest and execution in 1943. ... from the Website click title.

Air Times
8:00 pm Monday, November 7 on WPT
8:00 pm Monday, November 7 on The Wisconsin Channel
2:00 pm Tuesday, November 8 on The Wisconsin Channel
3:00 am Wednesday, November 9 on The Wisconsin Channel

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