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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meaning? Capitol's new debate: Guns vs. Cameras - Rickert - WIS State Journal - Upd New Follower

This is the Police ... put down your camera!  Chris Rickert has a column in this Sunday's Wisconsin State Journal paper that at best I consider incomplete and narrowly focused but mostly confusing.  I get that guns and cameras are not interchangeable.  I get that locking down the Capitol for months to prevent people from bringing in guns was simply a pretext for crowd control and "political intimidation".  I get that signs were posted outside the Capitol doors saying it was illegal to bring guns/firearms into the Capitol only showed up when the TeaParty/Palin crowd organized a protest during the Farmer's Market one Saturday.  I get that most of the places of business around the square have put up signs prohibiting "guns/firearms" on their premises ... do you think they will ban cameras ... have not seen those signs yet!

He suggests, I guess, that rules are rules and if they have been around for a long time or some time they make sense and are reasonable.  That requires a suspension of belief.  Maybe I am just confused by the writing.  Now people are being arrested for quietly sitting and pointing a noise free, flash free camera at their legislature doing its work.  Besides those quiet people might start making noise and being as disruptive as the police arresting them (if they did not have cameras) ... maybe they should bring their guns ... no the protestors are more sensible than that.  As the "press" continues to get decimated (laid off/fired) by their newspapers, etc., we need the people reporting ... no one else is doing the job.

Let there be light and sound recording just not flash!  Click title to see Rickert's piece!

The link provided (at start of piece ...Put Down Your Camera) above brings a broader question to this issue ... that of self-defense w/o a weapon when faced with overwhelming authority and sanctioned forced.

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Meaning? Capitol's new debate: #Guns vs. #Cameras - #Rickert - WIS State Journal - Upd New Follower #Walker #Vos

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