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Friday, November 4, 2011

v2 Real Enemies of the State : WI & GOP ... camera shy

WPR 1/9/2013 : Vos wants Assembly to dress up, wear jackets, ties?  Implicitly sexist - I wonder if Vos has binders full of qualified women - I really don't mind if they wear suits, but make the ties optional, please!
From ... Emily Mills ... 11/2011

As the Wisconsin Assembly met again Thursday evening in open session, still more citizens sitting in the public viewing gallery engaged in a silent protest of rules prohibiting signs or cameras but now allowing weapons to be carried in that space. Several arrests were made, and one 12-year-old girl was told to put down her sketch pad.
According to a post on Rep. Mark Pocan's (D-Madison) Facebook page, "Tonight alone people have been arrested for holding pictures of an apple pie, Ronald Reagan, Jesus, the American flag, Mother Theresa, and a 12-year-old little girl had her notebook taken away with flower doodles. Now I know those are all highly revolutionary, and they could cause problems, but that's what's happened so far tonight."
WI 1848 Forward: Real Enemies of the State: #WI & #GOP ... #camera shy : #Walker #Guns in the Galleries but NOT Cameras

WI 1848 Forward: Real Enemies of State: #WI & #GOP ... #camera shy : #Vos suits #Guns in the Galleries but NOT Cameras

WI 1848 Forward: Real Enemies of #WI - #Vos #GOP - #camera shy : #Vos #sexist ties #Guns in the Galleries - NO Cameras

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