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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#WRS : #Walker wants to destroy the best!

11/23/2014 ... Governor "Hidden Agenda" at it again ... using front groups to coordinate and push his agenda

From Cap Times
Beil said he believes the conversation is designed to create momentum for a movement to create a 401(k)-style alternative to the pension system. 
MacIver Institute communications director Nick Novak said the reports released by the think tanks are not legislative proposals. 
"We simply identified problems facing Wisconsin's Long-Term Care services and retiree pension and health care benefits and have outlined why they are problems," Novak said in an email. "The experts at NCPA also outlined possible solutions to address these challenges. Our goal is to educate the public about these and many other important policy issues facing our state."

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7/25/2012 ... Geez! This morning Walker is on Morning Joe and mentions how great the WRS (WiRetSys) and acknowledges the PEW study essentially saying so... then why the big study of what was obvious ... which lobbyists was he paying off!
Let's see ... the Governor of Hidden Agendas goes to Chicago, Illinois to talk about Wisconsin.   Who does he talk to - "Commercial Club of Chicago".  What does he talk about?  How he is "open" to changing the Wisconsin Retirement System, but has no plans.  He mandated a study in his 2011 budget.  He mandated unstudied changes to contributions in 2011.  So should we believe he has no plans?  How many people in this audience made contributions to his political ambitions?  How many business interests in this audience would benefit from disrupting the WRS?  They are just rubbing their hands together thinking about all those fees they can collect when the WRS is compromised by Walker from a sound system to one that if not immediately to one that will fail.

Is #Walker really going to ruin the #WRS system

Every Governor for decades has attempted to use or manipulate the WRS for political purposes.  Somewhere back in the past some wise Legislators and Governors created an institutional structure that has survived to be the best retirement system in the country.  What does "political purposes" mean ... "divide and conquer" or "drop the bomb".

Biz Beat: Walker touts pension reforms to Illinois business group

According to a new study from the Pew Center on the States, Wisconsin’s pension system is the only one in the nation 100 percent funded. The same study showed the Illinois pension system just 45 percent funded.


Apr 27, 2011
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First it says that all contributions to state pensions is taxpayer money. You do leave wiggle room by saying most state employees! Consider those staff or faculty at the UW-Madison funded entirely by private foundations.

Retirees worry WI 1848 Forward: #WRS : #Walker wants to destroy the best! WI Retirement System

#WRS Retirees worry WI 1848 Forward: #Walker wants to destroy the best! WI Retirement System > Privatize the profits

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