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Saturday, June 9, 2012

#Women Under Siege - Where? Syria or U.S. State Pro-Life Legislation

CAP TIMES -Capitol Report: Anti-abortion groups, emboldened by successes, ready for next legislative session  6/17/2012

... I am tempted to write something about the GOP and state legislatures of recent times ... but it would be far too cynical as a preface to the excerpt from the blog which says it all too clearly ... (click title)
When we hear about conflicts in foreign countries and imagine terrible acts, our thoughts don’t turn immediately to rape. We think of bombings and refugees and government suppression. If we think of sexualized violence at all, we may imagine a faceless, powerless woman, one unfortunate person who will eventually become a statistic—400,000 raped in Rwanda, 100,000 in Guatemala. When we hear about conflicts, we don’t imagine these stories. Or we consider them to simply be part of a larger horror.
But at Women Under Siege, our mission is to show the world that each woman raped is a person who has been illegally brutalized against her will, that she is part of a family and a community that may now be shredded. We aim to show that this woman, wherever she is, matters.
As part of this mission, we’re trying something new: telling egregiously underreported stories from Syria as they happen, with as much accuracy as possible. The blurred suffering of women who have been sexually violated in the raging but opaque Syrian conflict is now being made visible on our site,
Static Images 6/11/12

Current State Pro-Life Legislation

do we need a U.S. Map? 

WI 1848 Forward: #Women Under Siege - Where? Syria or U.S. State #Pro-Life Legislation #AntiChoice #NOW #NARAL #WOW

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