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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exposed: The Other ALEC s' Corporate Playbook - 6/21/12 - Horn & Blaskey, Truthout

A good article that should be a continuing series.  What it shows and tells is not really surprising but in truth it all needs to said again and again and again.  Finding or knowing about these kind of linkages and questionable connections is too difficult for most of us to figure out.  We need public access to the information, if for no other reason, to help the lazy journalists (or should I say unemployed/fired) seeking new careers as expert Googlers for background information.   If you are reading this you can encourage  to keep the "flashlight shining".

Our instincts tell us something is up ...when someone or groups seek to make it difficult to find out how they are supported or by whom.  I would like to see much more comprehensive illustration of connections.  I thank the sites/organizations that are already doing this.

From the article (click title for full article) -
How is it that no matter whom we elect as our state representatives - Democrat, Republican, or other - we most often end up with policies that privilege the corporate agenda over the public interest? ...
To the extent there has been any discussion of this playbook at all, it has centered almost exclusively on the role of the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its model legislation process.
But a closer examination reveals a well-coordinated network of many corporate-sponsored organizations - not ALEC only - that are influential in state politics. "Stealth lobbyists" use this network to advance their clients' agendas in statehouses nationwide.
"Houston we have a problem."  

The introductory paragraph reminds me of the new book by Chris Hayes, "Twilight of the Elites."  He may have the answer postulated 100 years ago and refined(?) by Chris.

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