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Saturday, June 16, 2012

#Malkin : False progressive narratives ... defeat by crushing them

Americans for Prosperity Foundation

Malkin via cspan RightOnline Conf 2009

Be patient ... she shows up

At about 8 minutes she starts with the # hashtags 

#obamaeatsdogs ... her sign 12:10

" the other side is united by their treacherous agenda to tear down everything "

"an army of Davids"

"George Soros funded monkeys"

"This is war ... tweet truth to power"

Michelle Malkin - RightOnline - (Day 2) Twitter #Hashtag Speech - CSPAN - 6-16-12

#MSNBC #CSPAN #TED #PBS - #Moyers -How do #Liberals & #Conservatives View World - #Haidt

2012.02.21  ...I have been reflecting on these programs and especially a couple of charts depicting social traits of liberals vs conservatives.  Liberals were ranked very high on NOT liking to see harm done to others, animals, etc.  Conservative's traits were pretty much at the same level across the board (Fair and Balanced?).  Haidt makes the general point that we (whichever we are) need to understand these differences or we may slip into demonizing the other people/tribe and thus develop an "ends justify the means" treatment.

Malkin is over the line!

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