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Saturday, June 9, 2012

#Political Heat: We were duped: #Walker fooled us all on #jobs in #2011 - 6/8/12

From the blog -
So the unverified data showed that Walker's assessment of 2011 was off by around 4,000 jobs.

"But so what?" you might be asking. "19,000 jobs is still a significant growth in jobs." (Actually, it pales in comparison to the last year of Gov. Jim Doyle's job numbers, but let's go with it.) "You shouldn't be so critical of Walker for having a full year of job growth."

That might make sense -- were Walker actually responsible for those jobs created. As I've pointed out on this blog on countless occasions, Walker's budget wasn't implemented until the end of June 2011. In those previous posts, it was clear that Walker's budget stagnated the growth that had occurred at the beginning of the year -- which was created by an entirely different (and Democratic) administration.
 ... and Romney is on TV telling us that the Walker minority population tells us we don't want teachers, police officers or fire personnel in Wisconsin ... neither does Walker I guess.

WI 1848 Forward: Heat: We were duped: fooled us all on in #2011 - 6/8/12 : #47% #99%

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