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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yahoo Censoring Emails That Provide Links To Wall Street Occupation from Irregular Times

What do you think ... what is the best approach to getting Yahoo's attention ... assuming the claims are true?!  Click the title to see the full story.

“Your message was not sent. Suspicious activity has been detected on your account. To protect your account and our users, your message has not been sent.
If this error continues, please contact Yahoo! Customer Care for further help.
We apologize for the inconvenience”
Suspicious activity? What was the suspicious activity? I did a series of tests, sending emails in different ways, with and without extra text, with the http prefix and with the https prefix, and I could not get the web site address through.
Then, I tried sending a variety of other emails containing links to other web sites – large, corporate web sites and small, new web sites that don’t have any security certificates. None of these messages were blocked.
The problem seems to be with the web site in particular. For some reason, Yahoo has created a code that prevents people from emailing each other the link to the OccupyWallStreet web site.

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