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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Democracy Convention, Madison WI Aug. 2011

Sample sessions ... from cover introduction ...
More than one conference, this first Democracy Convention houses nine conferences under one roof. As the great Wisconsin progressive Fighting Bob La Follette said, “democracy is a life,” and “involves constant struggle” in all sectors of society. With the 2011 Democracy Convention, we recognize the importance of each of these separate democracy struggles, as well as the need to unite them all in a common, deeply rooted, broad based, movement for democracy.

I had the pleasure of being there and assisting, along with many others, the Media Coordinator, Cristalyne Bell collect as much audio and video as we could with very little time to get prepared.  WORT radio, Norm Stockwell, Patrick Waring  were absolutely the best a community could have in their contribution of time and technical assistance.

Democracy Convention Media

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