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Sunday, September 11, 2011

CNBC's Santelli asks Friedman (NYT, author) if he still beats his dog!!

When I saw this article in my edition I almost ignored it but in looking at the comments on YouTube I decided it was important to comment on as well.  The title of my post says it best!  Santelli went for the headline and drama (once again) and ignored what Social Security is all about. He did not address the contribution issue, the age issue, the coverage issue, the eligibility issue, instead he went negative.  He associated words with negative connotations and framed a question that was answered by Friedman and then proceeded to disagree with the answer ... which he must have intended to do from the start.

Friedman did not say that Santelli was an idiot he said the question was idiotic ...

Santelli & NYT's Friedman Call Each Other "Idiots" Over Social Security "Ponzi Scheme" 

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