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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PolitiScoop: 9/12 Walker Handcuffs GAB - To Hide Campaign Money

"WI Assembly Camera Flash Mob, Protect Your Rights and Shed Some Light

Unfortunately ... more of the same ... Wisconsin .. PolitiScoop reports on Monday 9/12 ... see rally information at end of article ... (click title) -

Essentially the JCRAR is saying "Koch Brothers open your check books, Wisconsin Republicans are open for business". The website had this to say

" When we caught wind of legislation to block GAB’s disclosure rules and then tie the agency’s hands, a member of our staff contacted the office of JCRAR co-chair Jim Ott to get a copy and find out the committee’s plans. One of Ott’s staffers rudely blew off the inquiry. When pressed for a copy of the bill, Ott’s aide barked “we’re not trying to hide anything.” Well, then you won’t mind e-mailing us a copy of the bill. Here’s the address. “OK, I just sent it,” claimed the aide. No e-mail ever came."  ...
The committee hastily voted on strict party lines to move the bill forward, but not before chairman Ott ordered police intervention to stop a young man from filming the proceedings with a camcorder. The man was causing no disturbance; in fact, he said not a word. But still his behavior could not be tolerated. Not one, not two, not three but four uniformed and armed police officers were summoned to handle this breach of peace.

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