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Monday, September 12, 2011

Recovery Economics Boiled Down - Journalists are not Economic Savants

It really is that simple. The problem is not regulation, taxes, or uncertainty, the problem was that the stimulus was not big enough or long enough. As it is, we are sitting around watching our national leaders debate why the water that they heated to 160 degrees is not boiling. This is getting really painful.

I love this paragraph which came at the end of an article  -

Another Lesson on National Income Accounting for Robert Samuelson

from  CEPR, Center for Economic and Policy Research

The problem is that the title of the article and organization name scares most people off.  Pity Robert Samuelson ... who I guess is a journalist writing about economic policy or should I say making up narratives about that which he knows not.  This one page article is easy to understand with or without an education in economics.  Read IT!

 John Boehner, after his presentation today (9/15) should read it too!

WI 1848 Forward: Recovery Economics Boiled Down - #Journalists are not Economic Savants #47% #99% #ows 

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