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Friday, April 13, 2012

#Politics: We should have High Speed Trains not just Trucks (corridor urban sprawl)

High Speed Train Wreck

I believe the route went from Milwaukee to Madison to Minneapolis.  Even if it was just Milwaukee to Madsion (90 miles) for $800 million it sounds like a bargain.  Isn't making political deals and political rhetoric amazing.  There are all kinds of issues and tradeoffs involved in making these decisions but it would be nice if it really was an attempt to make good long term policy decisions vs expedient short term political gain.

Plain Talk: Wisconsin’s loss is Illinois’ gain as trains roll 3/28/2012

State details plans for expanding Interstate 39-90 from the Wis State Journal 4/13/2012

The newspaper headline was $715 million (for 45 miles of hwy) ... anybody wonder why Walker was out of town and not taking credit ... oh, the state has to come up with $500 million as our share.  How does that compare with the $137 million ... we are broke claim?

The $715 million reconstruction and expansion of a 45-mile stretch of Interstate 39-90 between Madison and the Illinois state line will aid state tourism and help create more economic development along the corridor, one of the busiest stretches of highway in the state, officials say.
The eight-year project is scheduled to begin in 2015, but construction of the Highway 11 interchange in Janesville is scheduled for 2013.
"This is a really great day for Wisconsin," said state Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb. "This represents a $715 million vote of confidence for Wisconsin. It's a vote of confidence in our economy and a vote of confidence in the importance of transportation infrastructure."

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