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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is #Walker really going to ruin the #WRS system?

I have not totally looked into this ... but it is what I would expect ... so we all can read it together and make our minds up.  Does the WRS really need to be studied more especially by the agenda driven Walker/GOP.  

I think all State residents should be able to participate in a segregated fund within the WRS.  Save all those 401K/IRA fees and all that time plus get a better ROI than the private sector provides.

National Institute on Retirement Security has found the following information -

The Wisconsin Retirement System supported 50,317 jobs and $6.2 billion in total economic output in 2009.  This was done by the 572,000 plus people that are retired under the WRS.

Between 1993 and 2009, 23.90% of Wisconsin’s pension fund receipts came from employer contributions, 5.21% from employee contributions, and 70.89% from investment earnings.* Earnings on investments and employee contributions—not taxpayer contributions—have historically made up the bulk of pension fund receipts.

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