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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

v3 WiConservation : Scrap the Open-Pit Mining Bill

Update 1/4/2013 ... here we go again led by Walker and Vos

Update 2/1/2012: About to attend a talk which considering the long term consequences of "mining" on the environment and people should be spot on ... brought to us by

The Focus on the Humanities Distinguished Faculty Lectures series presents the work of outstanding UW-Madison humanities faculty to the broader Madison community. Made possible by the Anonymous Fund of the UW-Madison College of Letters and Science.

Rachel Carson Professor of English
Slow Violence and Environmental Storytelling
5:30 PM
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
330 North Orchard Street
Free and Open to the Public
Rob Nixon will discuss "slow violence" -- environmental threats "that patiently dispense their devastation while remaining outside our flickering attention spans." Underrepresentation of slow violence in the media exacerbates the vulnerability of ecosystems and injustices of class, gender, race, and region. Nixon will track ways that writers and filmmakers have faced the storytelling challenges posed by attritional environmental degradation. 


WI 1848 Forward: v2 #WiConservation : Scrap the Open-Pit #Mining Bill #GOP - #Walker #Elites #1% vs #WiVote #47% #99%

WI 1848 Forward: v3 #WiConservation : Scrap the Open-Pit #Mining Bill #GOP - #Walker #Elites #1% vs #WiVote #47% #EPA 

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