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Monday, January 23, 2012

Badger Blue, Times Two ... All Public Employees Deserve Our Support

From the blog ... click the title and let the GOP Legislative Leadership know what you think ... there is a RECALL coming up ... right?!

There is a contract you enter into with society when you become a police officer.  You sign up for the job with the full understanding that you will never be wealthy.  You accept the fact that you will work nights, weekends, and holidays.  You will work in the blistering heat of the summer and the Arctic chill of the winter. You understand that there will be family events cancelled at the last minute due to a chaotic work schedule.  Little League games and piano recitals will be missed.  You will consistently see the worst that human existence has to offer.  You know that, statistically, you will die younger due to heart disease and stress-related illnesses than the average person (the most generous study has police officers surviving to an average age of 66, compared with 73 for the average US male population).
... To the people who blocked this bill:  It isn't enough to attend the funerals of fallen officers in your districts, or memorial services during Police Week.  It isn't enough to get teary-eyed when the bagpipes play, and to talk about how grateful the citizens of Wisconsin are for this ultimate sacrifice.  Your words are hollow, because your actions have broken the contract.  These families are trying to put their shattered lives back together, yet all you can talk about is fiscal responsibility.  For the sake of decency, please do not attend another officer's funeral, or another police memorial service, until you make this right.  You are not welcome to share in our grief until that happens.

Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald:
Representative Bill Kramer:
Representative Dan Knodl:
Representative Joan Ballweg:
Representative Mary Williams:
Representative Samantha Kerkman:

Tell them it's part of the contract.
[The black lettering is symbolic in so many ways ...]
As a related item you have to wonder if it is greed or ideology that influences these politicians the most .... make a commitment to the CURE ...

... Cure for Addiction to Corporate Power & Money in #Politics

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