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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can we save WRS - WI Retirement System

30,000 signatures--We Did It!

Kathleen Marsh

8:06 PM (7 minutes ago) to me (and 30,000)

Great news! We are 30,000+ strong and growing! At this point I am still gathering signatures, but for this effort to have the biggest possible impact, I need to choose the optimal time to turn it in. For now, just keep forwarding the link to friends and relatives you think may be affected. Sign the petition at:

Update: Despite protestations to the contrary, Pat Strachota (R-West Bend) is ready to file Bill 3202/1. This legislation was written last year and would take effect January 1, 2012. It gives the UW Board of Regents the power to allow new hires to opt out of WRS. While this proposal is quite limited in scope, it can be easily amended to reach a broad swath of public employees. Those of us who are following the issue closely can see this is indeed the camel nudging its nose under the tent. It is worth noting that Strachota is a member of ALEC, and one of ALEC’s top goals is to privatize public pensions. These people are not stupid. After what has happened in Wisconsin during the past year, they aren’t foolish enough to attempt it all at once.

On a related note, I have received dozens of legislators’ responses to the petition. Republicans are offering almost identical talking points: “There has been a rumor that WRS is going to be turned into a defined contribution system. This is not true. A study was commissioned to look at alternative contribution methods, such as offering an optional defined contribution plan and/or allowing employees to opt out of making their employee required contributions. The study will examine how such changes might affect the solvency, funding, mission, and structure of the WRS. The study will provide information and may include recommendations related to the alternatives mentioned above. Additionally, researchers may find that no changes would improve the system and everything should remain as is.” (Tom Tiffany R-35).

I truly wish this issue would transcend politics because so many many lives are directly affected. However, I would be remiss if I did not tell you that all the Democrats I have heard from say they do not support any changes to WRS. Use that information as you will.


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