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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Corporations Write Tax Law to Advantage Investors and CEOs

... and it is not so bad as the really bad.   Corporations will write tax laws/policy to give themselves advantages in the marketplace and discourage others from entering in the first place.  In many cases they are taking tax dollars directly from you and I to subsidize what would otherwise be an unprofitable business.  The tax dollars they take go to investors and CEOs and many other management members.  To be sure there are "public goods" which we want produced and we should subsidize private or public entities to produce ... like hospitals, public safety, retirement and healthcare safety nets to name a few.

So sometimes the lobbying that businesses, academics and citizens do make a lot of sense in some cases even all cases.   However it should be done in the open, transparently and without the quid quo pro of money or gifts for "favors".

This controversy of politicians being for sale, by many clever means, is a problem we must address.

... Cure for Addiction to Corporate Power & Money in #Politics 

... highlights the advantages that corporations have created for themselves.

#TaxReform -WI1848Forward: Corporations Write Tax Law to Advantage Investors and CEOs vs #47% #99% #OWS #inequality

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