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Friday, April 1, 2011

4/1 OpenMeetings - Sumi - Off. Blackdeer - eyewitness - images

Huge line of people tried to get into Capitol before meeting JSOnline reported 4/1

Madison -- There was a huge line to get into the Capitol just before a March 9 conference committee met, a law enforcement officer testified Friday.
Capitol Police Officer Dan Blackdeer, who headed the Capitol command post that day, said only one of eight entrances was open before the meeting. He described a “bottleneck” at the entrance.
Eyewitness - See blog entry (several) with my pictures - see Index in Pages as well -

Law INDEX - Open Meetings and Records, FOIA, Academic Freedom

Wisconsin Capitol 3/9 ~6:10pm - near Assembly Chamber - Protest - Open Meetings

Wisconsin Capitol: 3/9 - just inside King St entrance ... waiting for wanding!!

Wisconsin Capitol 3/9 ~5:45pm all entrances closed except King St     This One Especially

3/9 now 3/29 late - Wisconsin: Ash Wednesday Walker Ambush - It Begins... update!

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