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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin Capitol 3/9 ~6:10pm - near Assembly Chamber - Protest - Open Meetings

The Capitol floors are G,1,2,3,4 ... so this is on 1st floor ... the group keeps growing!  At this time the deed  had probably already happened.  A joint conference had moved the Bill (after making changes -dems objected - argued Open Meeting Laws violated) to the Senate which then passed it I guess w/o discussion.  Ironic that the changed Bill has no fiscal impacts but yet it is Walker's tool for reforming Wisconsin so they (the state and other governmental entities) can deal with fiscal issues but mostly through layoffs!

Context : This is the night the Republican controlled Legislature broke Wiscosnin's Open Meetings Law -- all related to lawsuit about LRB publishing it on Friday 3/25.   

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