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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3/9 now 3/29 late - Wisconsin: Ash Wednesday Walker Ambush - It Begins... update!

After this a New Post with this one linked at the bottom -

Jessica Arp
Amended TRO also does NOT declare that the bill is not law. Sumi said she needed to hear more arguments to that effect.

BLOG:  ... we need some sifting and winnowing !!
3/29 CapTimes ... a little more orderly presentation of Court proceedings -

Sen. Fitzgerald leaned on bureau staffers to publish law, testimony suggests by JESSICA VANEGEREN Posted: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 2:40 pm

3/29 Barca on stand ... WisEye video by DA Ozanne ... debate ... Judge goes with it

Jessica Arp
Ozanne going to play WI Eye video of Conference Committee. DOJ lawyer objects. Says violation of due process since defendants not here.

 3/29 Judge Sumi's Court ... Director Bob Lang ...LFB ... most recent first

You know what this sets up ... blog!

Jessica VanEgeren
March 9: I was informed at 2:15, 2:30 that they intended to meet at 6," Lang says. Lawmakers weren't notified until after 4.

Jessica Arp
Lang says got direction to prepare LFB summary of conf comm bill on March 9th, around 2-2:30pm.
From 3/9
I was enjoying a cup of tea at Fair Trade Coffee House (>5pm) when someone with a megaphone stepped in and announced that the Senate Republicans were going to pass the bill at 6pm.  It left me somewhat confused!  Get to the Capitol!  Later after some discussion with other patrons and checking tweets from WISPOLITCS we sort of got the idea that the Bill was going to be modified.  I could not quite believe this sneak attack!  Process is going to require the Legislative Reference Bureau to draft language w/o anybody getting wind of it.  Similarly the Legislative Fiscal Bureau was going to by some process indicate that the changed Bill had no fiscal impacts or it would still need to go before the Joint Finance Committee.

I packed up an headed to the Capitol ... arrived at N. Hamilton St. entrance as it was being closed (5:35?) and witnessed some altercations, pushing and shoving, going on!  Someone said King St. was still open so we proceeded there - the group was in line three and four abreast from the door out to King St. - probably about the length of one-half a football field.  This is the same area that the Tea Party had been in two weeks earlier - my impression is this group of Wisconsinites is bigger!

At this point no one was getting in ... chants were starting up ... Let us in!

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