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Saturday, February 16, 2013

v4 WORT 89.9 - ElSalvador - WI Gogebic - PacificRim - Mining

7/10/2013 Assault Rifle Armed Guards
5/31/13 - Gogebic gets drilling permit - only has to give one-day notice - no oversight

2/16/2015 ... and now Gogebic lobbyist appointed to Gov. Walker Admin

Radio Victoria & WORT 89.9 - Front Door - Credit CJ Bell, El Salvador

Mining seems to be not only controversial in Wisconsin but also in El Salvador (or Columbia or pick your Latin or South American country).  Different companies same behavior.  In Wisconsin the Legislature and Governor are only trying to sell the environment.  Trying to protect "water" in El Salvador may get you killed.

From Northern Wisconsin ...

Mining Bill Fractures Community

The mining bill is sliding into the final stage. I have studied the earlier bill and this new one for hours. My representatives at the state level have turned from the people of this state and given away more than I could ever think possible to mining companies in the name of jobs. My faith in Wisconsin government is gone. ...
...I am beyond sad by the arguments and arrogance and lies.
Tell your mothers and your daughters and your granddaughters what you are going to do tonight. Show them this picture of the ice spike and tell them she is a turdsicle. Tell them about the coal plant and the clean water and how the Indians up here are subhuman like my neighbors do. Then tell them you hope other areas will be dynamited and destroyed as well. Tell them you are with Alberta Darling and everything she says.
The children and future generations will pay for your decision. Your daughters. Tell them why you don’t care about me or my children. 
From the article
The Tyler Forks River with Carolyn Lake and the headwaters of the Bad River. This land is sacred ground for the Anishinaabeg, and provides the fresh water for the entire area. The mine will go directly in its path.
Carolyn Lake to the left and the headwaters of the Bad River. This land is sacred ground for the Anishinaabeg, and provides the fresh water for the entire area. The mine will destroy the headwaters. Photo: Larry Kinnett

The blog entry from essentially connects the dots (self-interest) between WORT, Madison, Wisconsin, mining and corporate mentality and Central and Latin Amerca ( I would say morality but since corporations are not people you can expect the principle to operate).

The specific entry below has recent images and an older video about The Mysterious Death of Marcelo Rivera.

Radio Victoria And A Token From Home from

Cropped to make WORT sticker easier to see ... they were everywhere!
... I [CJBell] wasn’t expecting to be greeted with a token of home in the relatively remote CabaƱas, El Salvador, but the first thing I saw while visiting Radio Victoria was a familiar friend. As I approached the front door of the building I instantly noticed the WORT 89.9 FM bumper sticker seen on so many of Madison’s vehicles, sometimes acting as a bandaid to cover up rust. WORT FM and Radio Victoria have been sister stations since 2005. ...
... Inspired by Radio Venceremos, the idea for Radio Victoria (Radio Victory) began in 1987. It wasn’t until after the Peace Accords were signed in 1992 that it became a possibility. Finally establishing the radio station in 1993 was considered a huge victory for Santa Marta, a community that suffered massacres similar to El Mozote during the war. Our informant, Oscar Beltran, boasted that surviving 20 years is yet another victory for the station.
... workers at the radio station began to receive death threats and the radio tower was vandalized. In 2009 community leader and activist Gustavo Marcelo Rivera, who regularly spoke out against mining, was tortured and his body was thrown down a well. Journalists were threatened with the same fate. Many believe Pacific Rim was responsible.
Related ...

01/21/13 WI GOP Rushes Mining Bill - 1-Day Hearing...

On WORT tonight 2/17/2013 - 5pm - Third Word View 
Today's feature is an interview with Grahame Russell, a lawyer and
co-director of the US/Canadian non-profit "Rights Action", he is the
author of "Code Z59.5" & "The Never Ending". In this segment we hear
from Russell about his latest book "Code Z59.5: There is Only One
People Here," in which he exposes the systemic root causes of poverty,
the link between mining and repression in Indigenous People's land in
Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras and why inequity affects us all.

This interview was produced by Stuart and Sylvia Richardson of Latin
Waves Grassroots Media. For more information, contact:

WI 1848 Forward:v4 #WORT 89.9 - #ElSalvador - WI #Gogebic - #PacificRim - #Mining : #Environment #Walker #Lobbyists

WI 1848 Forward:v4  - 89.9 - - - :

WI 1848 Forward:v4  - 89.9 - - - :   #GOLD #Iron #Water

v4  89.9 5pm Third World View 2/17/13- - - :   #GOLD #Iron #Water  

WI 1848 Forward:v4 #WORT 89.9 5pm 3RD World View 2/17/13- #ElSalvador - #PacificRim - #Mining : #Murder #Iron #Water

v4 #WORT 89.9 5pm 3rd World View 2/2013- #ElSalvador - #PacificRim - #Mining : #Murder  #GOLD #Iron #Water vs #Walker

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