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Monday, February 18, 2013

DPI Super: expect big $ for Pridemore after Primary

It is not a coincidence that Walker proposes to increase school voucher programs.  It is no coincidence the Don Pridemore is running against Tony Evers, current Superintendent of Department of Public Instruction.  It is a further step in politicizing education while creating an opportunity for GOP friends to make a buck from "public tax dollars".

You take control and money away from local school boards and remove oversight and light over how the schools are operated.  You get inexperienced poorly paid and trained teachers with the real "public" dollars flowing to the management class.

After all public education is just one of those handouts that the %47 get for free.  Pridemore probably has all kinds of donors lined up from you know where: Koch, Charter Schools, etc.

Who is Don Pridemore? WI State Assembly ! Candidate for DPI Superindendent

APNewsBreak: Walker to expand voucher program

The plan won praise from School Choice Wisconsin, a group that advocates for expanding vouchers statewide.
"We think it's great," said Jim Bender, the group's president. "We think there're going to be a lot of new opportunities for kids all over Wisconsin."
The school voucher movement is a powerful force in Wisconsin. School Choice Wisconsin has two former Republican speakers of the state Assembly — John Gard and Jeff Fitzgerald — working to advance its cause. And a third Republican speaker, Scott Jensen, works as a lobbyist for the American Federation for Children, another group that supports expanding vouchers

 Scott Walker proposes 1% education aid increase
At the rate of state aid funding for public schools, it would take 12 years to replace the money lost in the last budget, she said. Walker contends schools have been able to save money because the collective bargaining law also required teachers to contribute more toward their pension and health care benefits.
The nonpartisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance reported in November that those cuts in benefits and limiting union-negotiated raises to the rate of inflation offset about two-thirds of the reductions in school revenue in the 2011-2012 academic year.
Pope said the increase in aid Walker is proposing won't be enough to help schools struggling to make ends meet.
"These people are trying to starve Wisconsin public schools," she said.

WI 1848 Forward: #DPI Super: expect big $ for #Pridemore after Primary - Walker 's Wars #edu #MTI #WEAC #WiUnion

WI 1848 Forward: #DPI Race:expect big lobby $ for #Pridemore after Primary - #Walker 's Wars #edu #WEAC #WiUnion #47%

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