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Monday, February 4, 2013

Wisconsin Supreme Court Primary on Feb 19th

I would say anybody but Roggensack based on who is pushing her!!

The Hamilton Consulting Group

What they have to say ... "
The 2012 election season may be over, but wait - there’s more! Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack is up for reelection for a 10-year term on the court, and she is being challenged by Wisconsin’s “King of Lemon Laws,” Vince Megna, and Marquette University Law School professor Edward Fallone.
Though Wisconsinites are perhaps weary of elections, the February 19 primary and April 2 general election are not ones to miss.
The primary will determine which two candidates appear on the ballot for the general election, meaning the incumbent is not guaranteed a spot on the ballot."

Prosser and Roggensack and Bradley: Someone is trying to spin !

United Wisconsin Info

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates:
Ed Fallone
Vince Menga
Pat Roggensack
Wisconsin State Superintendent of Schools:
Tony Evers
Dan Pridemore

WI 1848 Forward: Wisconsin #SupremeCourt #Primary on Feb 19th #Wivote #wiunion #NOW #NARAL #VoterID #Union #edu

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