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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keystone Pipeline XL ... claims don't add up

The article from NBC news does a good job illustrating why we should be skeptical about any change from the status quo.  How strange ... a conservative idea expressed by liberals.  The burden for proof of benefits by the proponents should always in these situations be much higher than those saying don't do it!  They should also be made to bear the risks now and not pass them off to the future as if they did not exist.  Talk about a corporation looking out for your grandchildren ... give me a break!


  • Externalities
  • Law of unintended consequences
  • The tendency to exaggerate by those that benefit economically
  • Future accountability
These four ideas are really not so different from one another ... just different, clever ways to say not everything can be predicted but most certainly "somethings cannot be undone".  Like an accident that pollutes an aquifer or a river and destroys countless lives.  Things like "fracking" and "BP Gulf Oil Spill" fall in that category too!

Keystone pipeline claims just don't add up  (the link)

... "Oil companies don’t benefit by reducing the price that we pay at the pump," said Jeremy Symons, a spokesman for the National Wildlife Federation. "The reason they're willing to invest so much money to build in a pipeline all the way across America is to maximize their profit. And that means we're all going to pay more." ...
In essence a lot of the arguments come down to "international/global" companies that seek to be able to sell their product to the highest bidder and it will raise prices locally in the U.S.  The lack of a pipeline restricts their profits.


WI 1848 Forward: #Keystone #Pipeline XL ... claims don't add up ! #47% #99% #ows #jobs markets vs #1% #elites #BP

WI 1848 Forward: #Keystone #Pipeline XL ... claims don't add up ! #47% #99% #ows #jobs markets  - #Gogebic & #BP too 

#Keystone #Pipeline XL #Gogebic & #BP too WI 1848 Forward: ... claims don't add up ! #47% #99% #ows #jobs markets

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