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Saturday, July 28, 2012

#TRUTHOUT - The Other #ALEC s' K-12 #Education Agenda Exposed

This is the fourth and last article in Sarah Blaskey's and Steven Horn's series, "The Other ALECs Exposed."

For over 30 years, corporate America and its allies on both sides of the political aisle have carried out an assault on US workers, pushing down wages, slashing benefits and busting unions.
But after decades of repeated and near-fatal assaults, the US labor movement has waged a fight back, with teachers in the forefront of the battle. Public schools have become the centerpiece of the struggle. Through an array of recent policy initiatives, influential policy wonks are attempting to restructure education fundamentally. According to Jesse Hagopian, a teacher and union activist in Seattle, part of this restructuring process is happening through model bills being enacted systematically in statehouses nationwide.
Meanwhile ...whether passed or not it indicates an active agenda that will keep coming around

Walker's War on Education: AB 51 giving away public goods 8/3/2011

Committee: Joint Committee on Finance
  AB-51 was referred to joint committee on Finance in the Assembly on August 2, 2011
      Bill History:
      Relating to: creating a Charter School Authorizing Board, providing additional charter school author...

WI 1848 Forward: #TRUTHOUT - The Other #ALEC s' K-12 #Education Agenda Exposed : #47% #edu #99% vs #1% #elites

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