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Thursday, July 19, 2012

#MSNBC ... show us your "tax" records ... I mean "guest booking" policies: #Russert #Jansing

7/25/2012 Gov. Scott Walker on "Morning Joe" ... so is ex-Gov (PA) Ed Rendell ... still softball and spin ... at times I think Joe is nothing but spin ...

7/19/2012 ... Is COMCAST control already having an impact ... hard to imagine it was better before

After watching Luke Russert get walked all over by a Romney spokesperson and then hear Bay Buchanan spin all over Chris Jansing I need a shower.

Now I am not saying there was not some attempt to deal with the spin but it was just lame.  These "entertainment producers" need some new ideas or new rules about how these "interviews" are conducted.

Yuck ...

MSNBC usually has a "school bus crash" or some other tragedy in about an hour - 10am-10:30am central - let's get back in the real news business. No bus crash so far ...

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