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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DARPA -Slashdot: Correcting the Record: the Government's Role In the Internet

Anyone know what DARPA stands for .... was the Wall Street Journal just pursuing "the government" is bad and only private enterprise does "good" things.  If you dig a little bit you might not like this aspect of government funding/subsidizing large corporations.

TwobyTwo writes
"Yesterday, Slashdot posted a piece titled Who Really Invented the Internet?. It quoted a Wall Street Journal article with the same title by Gordon Crovitz. Crovitz makes the claim that government research did not play a key role in driving the invention of the Internet, giving credit instead to Xerox PARC. Unfortunately, Crovitz' article is wrong on many specific points, and he's also wrong in his key conclusion about the government's role. In a wonderful piece in the LA Times Michael Hiltzik corrects the record. Hiltzik, who is the author of an excellent book about PARC called Dealers of Lightning, makes clear that government funded research was indeed the foundation for the Internet's success."

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