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Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Are State Papers Silent About ALEC Ties to VoterID? | CMD | Fact Chk Milw. MJS

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Why Are State Newspapers Silent When It Comes to ALEC Ties to Voter ID?

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  • The links between the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and "voter ID" legislation have been well-documented, but newspapers in the states impacted most severely by the voter suppression legislation have been largely silent on this connection. A new analysis by Media Matters finds that "the largest newspapers in the seven states that enacted voter ID laws in 2011 have largely ignored ALEC's influence." ALEC is a group that brings together right-wing state legislators and corporations to vote on cookie-cutter "model" bills behind closed doors. The bills largely benefit corporations and Republican political interests.
    As CMD has previously reported, ALEC began to focus on voter ID shortly after 2008, when the highest general election turnout in nearly 60 years swept America's first black president into office with strong support from college students and African-Americans. Soon, "Preventing Election Fraud" was the cover story on the Inside ALEC magazine, and ALEC corporations and politicians approved "model" voter ID legislation in 2009. Around 34 voter ID bills modeled after the ALEC template were introduced in 2011.

    WI 1848 Forward: Why Are State Papers Silent About #ALEC Ties to #VoterID? | #CMD | Fact Chk #MJS #Walker #Einhorn #1%

    #Walker #Einhorn #1% WI 1848 Forward:Why Are State Papers Silent About #ALEC Ties to #VoterID? | #CMD | Fact Chk #MJS

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