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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

VP #Cheney vs Howards -Parallel- Justice Bradley vs #Prosser

If Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Prosser needs a role model he should talk with Steven Howards ... walk up, tap someone (VP Cheney) on the shoulder, express your opinion and leave ...  however, this Secret Service officer would have arrested Prosser ... and now the United States Supreme Court will rule ...

What do you bet ... it's not ok to tap on shoulder (in Colorado) but it is ok to choke (in Wisconsin) ...

NPR: Confronting The VP May Be Impolite. Is It A Crime?

... Agent Reichle of the Denver office went over to Howards and asked if he would answer a few questions about his conversation with Cheney. Howards said no and told Reichle that if he didn't want people accosting Cheney, he should "keep Cheney out of public places."
"The Secret Service agent got furious," Howards says, adding that he quickly found himself handcuffed "with my hands behind my back and I was being charged with felony assault of the vice president."

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser wants recusals in discipline case

The Wisconsin Judicial Commission filed a complaint against Prosser last week asking the six other justices to discipline him for allegedly choking Justice Ann Walsh Bradley during an argument last June. Prosser contends Walsh Bradley charged him and he defended himself. 

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