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Monday, March 12, 2012

3/12-13 #Walker ads mislead on Charter 32/34 - TNT/USA WiSJ

3/13 Wis State Journal Biz Beat: No matter the spin, Wisconsin worst in nation for job growth
The BLS data released Tuesday showed Wisconsin with 12,500 fewer jobs in January 2012 compared to January 2011.
On Cable 3/12/13 in Madison market anyway ... just so you know ... at least in the pm ... saw two different ads ... market testing?

For example ... one compares unemployment participation rate now with that of 2008 ... and suggests it is lowest since then ... says WI lost 150000 jobs (since then?) ... never mentions WI lost jobs under him for the last six months, i.e., his tenure !!!!

The other ad makes a rather spurious set of connected statements suggestion everything is better because "state workers" (my words - are worse off) are paying their share and property taxes have gone down !!!

On the evening of the 13th (March 2012) Charter 34 - USA seemed to be the audience target for Walker!  Just how much does this cost and where did he get the money?  I know the answer ...

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