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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2033 Now - #Medicare Facts/Projections vs #PaulRyan

As you read headlines, hear the reports the one thing that strikes me is "these projections jump all over from year to year" - which leads me to remind you they are projections and that "small tweaks" can usually fix what problems exist.  However media loves a headline or soundbite, and some ideologues have a very severe agenda ... and like to yell "fire" and start a stampede.  Looking long term the ideologues (Ryan, GOP) that would destroy Medicare and Medicaid are more concerned about a future coming about where people look at the distribution of income and wealth and change the system. These severe ideologues are very fearful but will keep their true agenda hidden.  If they can alter or destroy the social safety net soon ... it may be impossible to put it back together ... that is what they really want!

Pick the facts you like ... I guess ...

The link above is from Kaiser Family Foundation which gets its data mostly from Trustee Boards (see the fine print) well as the excerpts below ...
Description: In almost every year to date since Medicare’s inception, total income to the Part A (Hospital Insurance) Trust Fund exceeded expenditures, until 2008.  Under current law, Medicare spending is projected to exceed income to the Part A Trust Fund until 2014, when income will again exceed spending through the remainder of the projection period.
I think this says Medicare Part A is now good until 2029 vs 2019 thanks to ObamaCare?
Title: 2009 and 2010 Projections of the Medicare Part A Trust Fund Balance, 2010-2019

Description: Medicare’s financial condition is measured in a number of ways, including assessing the status of the Part A Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (i.e., the number of years to depletion of the trust fund).  The Part A Trust Fund is projected to be depleted by 2029, 12 years later than the 2009 projection of 2017.  This is largely due to reductions in the growth rate of Medicare spending as a result of provisions in the 2010 health care reform law, as well as a provision to increase the payroll tax paid by higher-income people.  As a result, the Part A Trust Fund is projected to have a positive asset balance of $317 billion at the end of 2019.

Now remember this is part A and there are other parts ... so what is Paul Ryan really doing ... trying to save Medicare or just "pandering" to special interests or his ideology (Ayn Rand).

4/24/2012 Update - The Trustees are out with a new report ... gather your facts, look at past projections and history ... express yourself.

WIStateJournal Social Security heading for insolvency even faster ... watch the tricky language!  How was the cut enacted ... lower payroll tax or cap on service payments ... reduction in general fund allotment?  It makes a difference.  The first two would be policy to stimulate the economy to create job growth.
Congress enacted a 2 percent cut for Medicare last year, and that is the main reason the trust fund exhaustion date did not advance.
I would add ... not really!!!!

Paul Ryan & Ayn Rand ... Shrug

WI 1848 Forward: 2033 Now- #Medicare Facts/Projections vs Paul #Ryan : #Obama #AARP #47% #99% vs #1% #elites #Boehner

WI 1848 Forward: 2033 Now- #Medicare Facts/Projections vs Paul #Ryan : #Obama #AARP vs #1% #elites keep yelling fire

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Anonymous said...

Husband & I are on Medicare and I am bread winner. I am truly scared to death. Upper middle class and I fear possibility of living out of our van.