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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Upd: Did Wisconsin recalls cost more or less than $137 million?

The paragraph below should resound very loudly if Democrats pull it off.  On the whole "The Wisconsin Voter", which the quote is from is always an interesting read.  The model is to present some facts and some interpretation.  In this particular column, Craig Gilbert, points out that this particular situation is extremely difficult to handicap.
 In short, five of the six districts in play Tuesday are clearly GOP-leaning in their makeup. That’s no surprise. These are all Senate seats held by Republicans in a terrible GOP year (2008). The GOP advantage isn’t huge. It’s not big enough to make these districts “safe” for Republicans. But it’s real.
JSOnline: The Democrats' big challenge in Tuesday's Wisconsin recalls: winning on GOP turf  8/8
There is no precedent for the amount of money spent.  If you add it to the money spent on Kloppenburg and Prosser and the money that is from the Citizens United camp it must be somewhere north of $137 million.

That number seems familiar?!  Oh yes that was the number Governor Walker used to claim that the "state is broke."  A few months later Wisconsin had a $600 million dollar surplus even before the so called "budget repair" was passed (as I recall).

8/12 : Governor Walker was on MSNBC this morning talking about the $30 million spent on elections (that could be counted) as if it was bad outside money  ... back in February he thought he was asking the Koch brothers for all of this outside money to support Republicans in the state since what he was forcing them to do was going put his majority in question ... how we spin and spin!!

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