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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why is the Stock Market down?

Circa 8/4/2011

There will be countless explanations offered in hindsight as  to why the stock market dropped 500+ points today!  The only true narrative is fear and uncertainty!  Others will say ...  it is Europe indebtedness, Congressional stalemate, bad economic policy being forced on us by a small minority ... no one can prove it.  We tend to always take recent events and try and use them to make ourselves feel better!  Does it help?  Not really ... fear and uncertainty still triumphs. 

The problem is that although I can  figure it out (he said euphemistically) I cannot count on you to figure it out ... so in our mutual confusion we continue to flounder!

Here is my narrative, which I am sure has been said by others, more articulately.  The Tea Party and Republicans have a grand strategy to get the Presidency back.  The big money interests such as the Koch brothers which have fanned the flames of national indebtedness as the source of all ills have probably seen their strategy backfire.  There is no doubt  that unless they (Koch Brothers) have parked all their money with hedge funds they are not as wealthy as they once were after today.

There will be every effort to blame all of this on President Obama.  Just remember it is spin, spin, spin, narrative, narrative, narrative and you need to speak up just as loudly with what you believe.

War and greed also known as Iraq and derivatives (and financial collapse) are why we are in this situation today.  Who started the war?  What caused the financial collapse? Not President Obama ... Republicans, Tea Party and Wall Street are the causal agents in my mind ... but we all let it happen by not paying attention to who we were electing locally and to Congress!

Why is the #StockMarket down, erratic?

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