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Sunday, August 14, 2011 : The Macroeconomics of London Riots

Why do protests stay peaceful?  Why do riots occur?  Why do protests become violent?  Is it the "action" or the "reaction"?  Were the seeds sown much earlier?  Can anyone determine cause and effect?

You would think so ... but think again! has published a thoughtful piece about the recent London riots.  It makes you wonder about Wisconsin and our Governor Walker and the Tea Party!

In the London case a few quotes are in order ...

by: Ed Targett, New America Media | News Analysis 

London - The riots that surged across England in recent days will have sociologists scratching their heads for years. Ostensibly triggered in London's Tottenham by the police shooting of a young black man, within 24 hours of the protest turning violent, cars were burning across the country and young, white pre-teen kids were looting supermarkets for cheap vodka.
 ... If you want to know who saw it coming, UNICEF warned things weren't looking good four years ago in 2007. 

In a strongly worded report it claimed that children growing up in the United Kingdom suffer greater deprivation, worse relationships with their parents and are exposed to more risks from alcohol, drugs and unsafe sex than those in any other wealthy country in the world.
It didn't predict, of course, that they'd start burning and looting as a result.

Then Cameron comes along cuts government, cuts services, claims Great Britain in broke ... and you can only wonder what took so long?  In Wisconsin our Governor has been nourishing  a similar group of deprived kids by reducing the ability of schools to teach or be proactive.  He has made access to education more difficult for everyone at every level ... all the while claiming improving educational opportunity is one of his top priorities.  At best the Governor believes for profit primary and secondary education in the hands of corporations will do better for kids than local school boards.  So is the formula ... wait four years for the current crop of youngsters to start hanging out on street corners?

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