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Monday, December 26, 2016

2017 New Year Resolution: With President Trump how will I know I am better or worse off?

I will be thinking about this and assemble two lists by December 31st, 2016.  Why don't you do it too! 


Worse Off: ACA or Obamacare is repealed, especially the provision to require participation and pay penalties for not participating (there are other features).  Repeal will drive up costs for all of us; not to say it can't be improved, e.g.,  large scale negotiation with pharmaceutical companies to control drug prices.

Better Off: Student Loan policy is amended to allow students to secure competitive market interest rates rather than locked into higher rates that benefit banks.  This would be an economic stimulus more beneficial to family formation, job creation and consumer demand.  Making schools more accountable, in some manner, for a student's success, could be another approach -- a claw back.

Worse Off: Supreme Court Appointments are likely to be conservative and thus likely to restrict Women's Rights Pro-Choice, Voter Rights and Personal Liberties.

Better Off: Medicare and Medicaid remain essentially intact or with improved benefits with "high compensation" (include stock options as income in kind) individuals being tapped to pay taxes through removing the "cap" or raising it substantially.

Worse Off: Social Security is converted to an IRA like program.  This will burden people with more detail investment choices they do not understand, give a piggy-bank to Wall Street in endless fee generation, make the safety net available only to those that do not need it.

Better Off: Climate Change is put on the Trump agenda as real, not further exploitation of fossil fuels - pipelines, fracking, coal.  Unfortunately it seems improbable that Climate Change will be recognized until the Polar Bears and ice caps have disappeared and catastrophic coastal flooding overwhelms President Trump.


Muslim Ban and "So called Judges"

Build A Wall

Gorsuch - White Privilege for SCOTUS - Supreme Court nominee

Devos - knows little to nothing about Public Education

Sessions - racist Attorney General

President criticizes Nordstrom's hurting Ivanka's bottom line

June 27th, 2017

Trump won, and Amy Siskind started a list of changes. Now it’s a sensation.

WI 1848 Forward: #2017 #NewYearResolution: With President #Trump how will I know I am better or worse off? #ACA #STUDENTLoans #SafetyNet #SCOTUS #ClimateChange

WI 1848 Forward: #2017 #NewYearResolution: With President #Trump > am I better or worse off? #Siskind #WAPO

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