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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gerrymandering, Redistricting Beyond Reason - As Bad as Voter Suppression

September 2017

Boards.  When a policy making politician (Walker) serves a longtime they end up appointing all the members.  This is all well and good so long as the public really is involved in electing that politician.  If you bias the process by voter suppression (intimidation, id requirements, moving polling places, changing registration requirements, making registration expensive)) or vote gerrymandering it is an insidious corruption ... pure and simple.

SCOTUS is like a board and it's current makeup a little bit questionable.  Let's hope they can change the vote manipulation process and determine a way to prevent all these forms of corruption.  Validating "efficiency gap" would at least be a start.

January 2018 -

Madison-area lawmakers: Lack of transit access to new DMV location 'alarming' MARK SOMMERHAUSER Jan 9, 2018

The city has filed a federal civil rights complaint against the Wisconsin Department of Transportation over its plans to consolidate two West Side DMV locations at a new site at 8417 Excelsior Drive later this month.
The city and other critics say the location disadvantages low-income, minority and disabled people who more frequently rely on public transit. The site is directly accessible by only one Metro Transit route, the city complaint says, and that route doesn’t serve the area between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

January 2017 -

Judges have ordered new maps for Wisconsin ... before 2018 election ... unfortunately they told the legislature to do it ... more of the same again?????

Partisan Gerrymandering and the Efficiency Gap Nicholas O. Stephanopoulos† & Eric M. McGhee††

A thoughtful piece -

Join the fight to end gerrymandering!

Unfortunately ... this is really bad news for future of "blue states"

WP: U.S. Census director resigns amid turmoil over funding of 2020 count

Analysis indicates partisan gerrymandering has benefited GOP

The AP scrutinized the outcomes of all 435 U.S. House races and about 4,700 state House and Assembly seats up for election last year using a new statistical method of calculating partisan advantage. It’s designed to detect cases in which one party may have won, widened or retained its grip on power through political gerrymandering. 
The analysis found four times as many states with Republican-skewed state House or Assembly districts than Democratic ones. Among the two dozen most populated states that determine the vast majority of Congress, there were nearly three times as many with Republican-tilted U.S. House districts. 
Traditional battlegrounds such as Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida and Virginia were among those with significant Republican advantages in their U.S. or state House races. All had districts drawn by Republicans after the last Census in 2010.

Gerrymandering Is On Trial

The following direct twitter message was sent to me 9/28/2017 ... I'm not sure which of my posts it related to because I have quite a few where the phrase "voter suppression" is used.  There may be a more appropriate place to include this information.  If you disagree with me or this individual do not harass us but do present your facts.

Well we don't have 100% turnout.

#Gerrymandering, Redistricting Beyond Reason - by 2018 "fairly?"- As Bad a #Voter Suppression - #WiVote #VoteId #EfficiencyGap

#Gerrymandering,  - As Bad a #Voter Suppression - #WiVote #VoteId #EfficiencyGap

#Gerrymandering, Redistricting Beyond Reason - As Bad a #Voter Suppression - #WiVote #VoteId immoral #EfficiencyGap

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