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Monday, December 5, 2016

1% : They really can't relate to most of us! - Wilbur Ross [ Trump Cabinet]

October 16, 2017 - Dan Alexander, Forbes
The Mystery Of Wilbur Ross' Missing Billions

... What he left unsaid, however, was that between the November election and January inauguration, he had quietly moved a chunk of assets into trusts for his family members, leaving more than $2 billion off of his financial disclosure report—and therefore out of the public eye. Ross revealed the existence of those assets, and the timing of the transfer, when Forbes asked why his financial disclosure form listed fewer assets than he had previously told the magazine he owned. ...

December 5, 2016 (has been revised slightly with this lead in in September)

Only behind closed doors and off-limit special groups do they say what the really think.  They talk about supporting gerrymandering, vote suppression, voter intimidation, and tax breaks for themselves.

Ironic ... I wrote this before I knew about his close Putin connection ... and hidden offshore money

Wilbur Ross is now Secretary of Commerce and travels with his own porta potty, so his personal swamp is never far away.

Paradise Papers: Leaks Show Wilbur Ross Hid Ties to Putin Cronies by RICHARD ENGEL and AGGELOS PETROPOULOS 11/5/2017

One-Percent Jokes and Plutocrats in Drag: What I Saw When I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society By Kevin Roose New York Magazine 2014 (Adapted from Young Money)
... Recently, our nation’s financial chieftains have been feeling a little unloved. Venture capitalists are comparing the persecution of the rich to the plight of Jews at Kristallnacht, Wall Street titans are saying that they’re sick of being beaten up, and this week, a billionaire investor, Wilbur Ross, proclaimed that “the 1 percent is being picked on for political reasons.”
Ross’s statement seemed particularly odd, because two years ago, I met Ross at an event that might single-handedly explain why the rest of the country still hates financial tycoons – the annual black-tie induction ceremony of a secret Wall Street fraternity called Kappa Beta Phi. ...
... Paul Queally, a private-equity executive with Welsh, Carson, Anderson, &Stowe, told off-color jokes to Ted Virtue, another private-equity bigwig with MidOcean Partners. The jokes ranged from unfunny and sexist (Q: “What’s the biggest difference between Hillary Clinton and a catfish?” A: “One has whiskers and stinks, and the other is a fish”) to unfunny and homophobic (Q: “What’s the biggest difference between Barney Frank and a Fenway Frank?” A: “Barney Frank comes in different-size buns”). [emphasis added] 

 Housing Secretary Ben Carson Says Poverty Is A 'State Of Mind' -May 25, 2017

 #1% : They really can't relate to most of us! - #Commerce Sec. Wilbur #Ross - #FollowTheMoney [ #Trump Cabinet] - They just pretend! #Manafort #Cyprus Bank ... Ross Director - Money Laundering? - WI 1848 Forward

#1% : They really can't relate to us! - Housing Secretary #Carson > #Poverty A 'State Of Mind' - WI 1848 Forward:

 1% #Grifters : They really can't relate to us! - Housing Secretary #Carson > #Poverty A 'State Of Mind' - WI 1848 Forward:

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