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Friday, December 21, 2012

The GOP Social Security Medicare Plan - Political Suicide

As I read the article below I realized that the GOP social policies would eventually self-correct and even faster than first thought.

Social Security, Medicare more than numbers
...Social Security and Medicare enable millions of older Americans to survive financially each month, after years of working hard and paying taxes to earn these protections. Last year, 478,397 Oklahomans 65 and older received Social Security and 485,351 were enrolled in Medicare....
... As lawmakers consider the U.S. budget, here are a couple numbers they should keep in mind: Half of America's seniors get by on less than $20,000 a year. And here's another: Typical seniors already spend nearly 20 percent of their incomes on health care, a percentage that continues to rise.

I may be guilty of relying on an impression of what has been said rather than going back and finding a reference for each impression I ask you just go forward (and verify later, just pretend it is cable news) -

  • Red states by population derive more social benefits from Federal programs than Blue states?
  • The only major group that Romney clearly carried was white males, especially "old ones"?
  • By cutting social benefits older white males will die off even faster since they will be forced to chose between eating and healthcare? [e.g., Chained Cost of Living Adjustment]
  • The majority of Tea Party members and politicians come from Red states where the 2010  Census was used to give them secure seats?
  • The Tea Party and/or GOP is reducing its only significant voting block nationally and especially in Red states by cutting social benefits.
  • Blue states will become more blue.
  • Secure "Tea Party" districts will become less secure and surviving spouses may become even more resentful and resolved to change the situation.
  • By killing off seniors faster Medicare and Social Security may become even more solvent than it currently is.
Do you think anyone thinks this way ?   If it happens it is sad.

WI 1848 Forward: The #GOP #SocialSecurity #Medicare Plan - Political Suicide: #AARP #Obama #47% #Union vs #1% #elites

WI 1848 Forward:The #GOP #SocialSecurity #Medicare Plan - Political Suicide: #AARP #Obama #47% #Union #99% vs #elites

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just turned 65 and I am very disappointed in Medicare - my costs with having to pay the 'differences' are just about the same as last yr - prior to "Medicare". I have sever Fibromyalgia. Was taking Lyrica and Cymbalta, but Medicare decided I do not need the Cymbalta... Cold turkey withdrawal was a living Nightmare too vivid to repeat. I am moneymaker of the house, living on a Utility Patent & Trademark stolen killing my ecommerce income - waiting for legal system & Attys to do something... I don't know which way to turn. Physically, I cannot get another job- (SS helps, but no way we could live on it & it's more than most people get!)

Yes, it is a fast way to kill off Baby Boomers who paid our way and for what?