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Sunday, December 30, 2012

v2 Teaparty, Farm Bill, Dairy & Cheese Implications

1/13/2014 ... still a "in this season" a political football

6/21/13 - Deja vu with failure of House to pass "Farm Bill"--- almost 6 months ago ... and still nothing really done except that GOP wants to starve more people/kids (SNAP) while handing out large subsidies to "large corporate" farms!

Reprieve and extended uncertainty?!  Agricultural Committees Agree To Farm Bill Extension by The Associated Press December 30, 2012 5:08 PM

Where is Governor Walker's voice let alone his head.  Let's have some leadership given all that national clout he supposedly has.  Does he really care about the "rural/rich" minority coalition that elected him?  Maybe the latter but not the former (the ruralies)?

The buzz about the Farm Bill lapsing seems to suggest that dairy prices for milk and cheese could sky rocket.  Explore the things that may follow!

  • Dairy Farmers experience early windfall dollars.
  • Demand for dairy products collapses.
  • As market deals with disruption and a new equilibrium is established Dairy Farmers can no longer sell product.
  • Dairy Farmers go out of business.
  • Glut in land/farms for sale.
  • Loss in property tax revenue locally.
  • Rural schools and local government contract even more
  • Developers scoop up prime lands.
  • Corporate farming gets additional leverage due to scale (love those Happy Cows from CA - just like having your Driver's License made there).
  • Manufacturing relative to Dairy Farms collapses - two pressures (glut of used equipment, less new demand).
  • More ... like dominoes 
In essence a market and way of life is altered and/or destroyed and will never be back.  Agricultural policy may need to change but doing it abruptly will be disastrous.  Wisconsin with its smaller dairy herds will never be the same.

An Evolutionary Whodunit: How Did Humans Develop Lactose Tolerance? by Helen Thompson December 28, 2012 9:56 AM

1/3/2013 Update :

WI 1848 Forward:v2 #Teaparty #FarmBill #Dairy #Cheese Implications: #Taxes #Walker #47% #Congress #Dems #GOP #NPR

WI 1848 Forward:v2 #Teaparty #FarmBill #Dairy #Cheese Problems: #Taxes #Walker is lacking #Congress #Dems #GOP #NPR

#Teaparty #Starvation #GOP #Walker #FarmBill #Dairy #Cheese Problems: WI 1848 Forward: #Congress #NPR

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