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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Entitlement Reform == Cut SafetyNet, Cut Jobs, Stall Recovery, Recession

Fast Forward 2017:

Trump proposes 20% tax on Mexican imports to pay for "his wall".

If this actually gets done a lot of pain will be experienced in the U.S. - cars, other goods and especially "food/produce" will cost a lot more.
From 2012:
We cannot let the GOP define the language of this "fiscal cliff" debate.  The debate is about jobs and economic recovery and a safety net for all of us when the 1% screw things up and try to make us pay for their mistakes.  Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, et al,  just want to protect the 1%.  The people who raid pension funds (like Romney and BAIN Capital) do not care about other peoples jobs.  There are dozen of ways to protect and enhance Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and create jobs.

One could remove the upper income limit on SS (FICA) withholding.  Oh! You didn't know FICA was capped for some aspects.

One could could treat all income the same no matter the source (i.e., treat capital gains like wages, already done to IRAs, 401Ks for the not so wealthy).

One could make FICA withholding progressive, ability to pay.  Those with really very little discretionary (meaning you can barely get along) income pay less.

President Obama is promoting efficiency in our healthcare system.  We all pay too much for pharmaceuticals.  Why does the GOP block Veterans Administration style purchasing power.  These industries/businesses are subsidized by Federal research projects (National Institute of Health) and then make huge markups on drugs they never could have discovered if it were not for projects like the "Human Genome".

One could cut military interventions and subsidies to out-sourcing quasi-military contractors.

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Cut Cut Stall -WI 1848 Forward: ? ?Reform LOL

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