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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Update: WPR & WPT - WisconsinMoneyMatters (Schools Impact)

This new site, an arrangement by Wis Public Television and Wis Public Radio, is about important public policy issues in Wisconsin.  We should all follow them, encourage them, promote them (i.e.,Twitter) so that our fellow Wisconsinites and even a broader audience get a perspective about what is going on in the state.

School districts, collective bargaining being changed are a couple of recent topics.  I am afraid that you can rely on Governor Walker, the Fitzgerald boys, the Republican Party and TeaParty along with Senator Johnson and Representative Ryan and Sensenbrenner will all do what they can to prevent any message they do not like from continuing!

Click on the title to see more about them!

Watch the full episode. See more Here and Now.

Update: #WPR & #WPT - #WisconsinMoneyMatters (Schools Impact) #Vouchers #wiunion #wivote #voterId #Gogebic #walker

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