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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Freedom of What?


Suspects, witness dispute police version of July 1 arrest in Nashua

There is always more to the story ... arrested for video taping!  Makes you wonder about the Sam Mayfield arrest in Madison (later dismissed) -

From the source -
...All three say Gannon didn’t resist arrest, only turned his back and began to walk away from the detectives after being told he wasn’t under arrest.
“I didn’t have time to resist,” Gannon said.
The two detectives were on him immediately, he said.
He and the other two witnesses said police overreacted to his wisecrack.
“I blew his ego with that comment. By all means, that detective was unglued,” Gannon said.
It also probably didn’t help Gannon’s cause that he told police he was videotaping the incident with a small Kodak mini camcorder. Videotaping police got Gannon arrested before. ...

Upd#4 6/11 - Citizen Management - Capitol Police Style - Monday evening WORT interview

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