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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freedom of what? Internet Magna Carta and Personal Space: TED and NYTIMES

Compare and contrast ... here in Wisconsin our Republican controlled legislature will not let the public take videos or pictures of their proceedings ...

From the NYTIMES:  Creating Art via Webcam, Secretly
Cyberspace may be vast, even infinite, but every centimeter of it is being contested by businesses, botnets, governments, lawyers, artists, technologists, ethicists, soldiers, scientists and spies, among others. So far, the territory appears to be ungoverned by any power except brute force or ingenuity, and then only fleetingly. Invisible hackers can take over the Web sites of Murdoch papers for a few hours; Apple’s lawyers can shut down an art exhibit with sternly worded letters to server hosts; pirates can confiscate music, movies and writing without the slightest nod to intellectual property rights; big businesses can force the removal of parodies that embarrass them. Hosni Mubarak can try to unplug the Internet, but a disconnected country quickly turns out to be as unendurable for the powerful as it is for the powerless.
From TED:

WI 1848 Forward: Freedom of what? Internet #MagnaCarta and Personal Space: #TED and #NYTIMES #NYT #47% #99% vs #1%

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