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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Gimmicks Walker raids Emp. Trust Funds - 2nd Budget Repair

4/6 if was signed today!

~12:45 Senate Bill 12 passed ... Assembly passes it several hours later ... no dem amendments?  They wanted to eliminate DUI as a job qualification and stop raid on ETF!

 @WRN is tweeting Capitol Rotunda Protesters (12:25) can be heard in Senate Chamber
No Gimmicks Walker is proposing taking co-mingled funds from ETF Insurance Funds and GOP supports it!  This will kick the can down the road and end up in the State Supreme Court!

Walker Kicks Can to Next Year in the Supreme Court
12 Noon 4/5 ... it is being debated now ... maybe a few minutes!

Walker taps insurance fund to fill in deficit Spokesman says taxpayers put in most of money By Jason Stein - Journal Sentinel April 4, 2011

The insurance fund had $90.8 million in it as of August, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau. Most of that money - 94% - was paid by state agencies, but state employees also contribute to the fund.

... and why do State Employees contribute to the fund ... anything like pension contributions????

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