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Monday, May 30, 2016

NoFingerPrints Walker >> MisDirects, Misleads, MisRepresents UW Budget



"Starving the Beast" rears its ugly head at the UW

... After having its budget cut by $250 million for the 2015-17 biennium by Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP-controlled Legislature, the UW Board of Regents planned to have an item during its meeting this month that allowed for UW chancellors to describe the impact of the cuts and what adjustments might need to be made for the rapidly-arriving 2016-17 fiscal year. And the chancellors gave the Regents the truth.

UW-Eau Claire, for example, has cut 179 full-time positions, about half of those through a voluntary separation program. Twenty-five faculty have resigned, up 150 percent from last year, and class sizes are 14 percent larger on average.

It’s a similar tale at other UW campuses, with some such as UW-Green Bay and UW-La Crosse cutting some databases and other resources that students can access for research.
UW-Madison, which has spent almost $9 million on keeping faculty, expects to cut 418 positions over the biennium. 

The flagship campus said it’s been unable to expand programs with high student demand, such as business, engineering and nursing. It also said it’s cut back significantly on advising services and maintenance, as did other campuses.

UW-Platteville is also delaying major renovation projects at buildings that it says are significantly outdated.
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#NoFingerPrints  #Walker >> MisDirects, Misleads, MisRepresents #UW Budget

#NoFingerPrints  #Trump Supporter #Walker >> MisDirects, Misleads, MisRepresents #UW

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